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Yavapai Financial Planning specializes in…

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We work to make the specifics of your situation mutually understood and the various complexities of financial planning easier to engage with.

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We work with your ideas, goals, and values as well as the inputs of your other advisors.

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Every person needs are unique, so the "one size fits all" approach rarely works in regards to financial planning.

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No Commissions

We are a fee only practice, meaning we are not compensated for the sale of financial products.

The world of financial planning can be a complicated thing. This leads to all sorts of problems because complexity breeds confusion and confused people don't make the best decisions. While we certainly have a respectable level of expertise, credentials, and experience to offer, ultimately if our work together doesn't lead you to understand your situation and options enough to make wise decisions, we haven't done our job.​
At Yavapai Financial Planning, we work closely with our clients to not only have perspective enough to make good decisions, but to see those decisions through. Once engaged, we will work closely with you to tackle problems, prepare for the future, and pursue dreams. When necessary, we will also communicate and coordinate with other professionals, such as CPAs and attorneys as part of a larger team working on your behalf.
Every person and every situation is unique, so the "one size fits all" approach rarely works in regards to financial planning. Yavapai Financial Planning is small, independent, and flexible, allowing us the ability to develop individualized processes and tools for our clients.
Yavapai Financial Planning is a fee only practice, meaning we are not compensated for the sale of financial products. Instead, you pay us fees for our work. We are committed not to a certain threshold of sales activity, but to providing you our best objective and unbiased personal advice. Our registrations hold us to a fiduciary standard in all our dealings, not the looser suitability of brokers and agents. Our fees are always straightforward, disclosed, and agreed upon prior to agreement.

Getting Started

To start planning, all you have to do is follow this simple 4 step process with us.


Give Us A Call

Call us to introduce yourself and set up a simple no-cost, no-pressure, no-obligation introductory meeting. We will send you an email with a confirmation of our meeting date and time, driving directions to our office, a summary of what we can expect to accomplish, some basic forms to fill out, and our ADV disclosure document.


Get To Know Each Other

Let’s get to know each other in person. Introduce yourself, ask any questions you want of us, and generally lay out the situation at hand and where you seek guidance. We will do our best to provide you help at this time on these matters, but if we agree we are a good fit and that proceeding with a more formal exploration is warranted we will outline the next steps and a fee estimate for you to consider.


Exploration Process

We will continue the exploration process more formally with a more comprehensive interview, mapping out the various dynamics of your situation on the whiteboard to achieve a visual “picture-in-time” for mutual reference and engage in an exercise to better define the parameters of what a successful arrangement would look like. Cleaned up pdf versions of these will be submitted to you shortly after for formal review along with a written proposal for services outlining the parameters, steps, and outcomes involved.


Needs Serviced

We will begin to service your needs for financial planning, area-specific guidance, or head toward asset management services according to our agreement.

We provide comprehensive financial planning, area-specific guidance, and asset management services.