Yavapai Financial Planning Offers Fee-Only Asset Management Services

Clients desiring professional oversight of their securities portfolio(s) can expect the following benefits of working with YFP:

Broad Selection

A broad selection and availability of investment vehicles

Professional Advisor

An advisor operating in an objective, fiduciary capacity on your behalf

Full Disclosure

A fully disclosed, straightforward, and break-pointed fee schedule

Regular Scheduled Meetings

Regularly scheduled meetings for review of not only your portfolio’s performance, but also your total financial health and progress

Curated Portfolios

Portfolios built and managed in light of a wide variety of factors, including but not limited to your hopes, expectations, values, time horizons, tax liabilities, risk appetite, other assets, and cash flow needs

Retainer Level Access

Retainer-level access to YFP’s advisors and services, such as continued financial plan monitoring and coordination with your other advisors such as attorneys and accountants.