Asset Management Services

Yavapai Financial Planning offers fee-only asset management services to clients desiring professional oversight of their securities portfolio(s). Management clients can expect the following benefits of working with YFP:

  • Portfolios built and managed in light of a wide variety of factors, including but not limited to your hopes, expectations, values, time horizons, tax liabilities, risk appetite, other assets, and cash flow needs
  • A fully disclosed, straightforward, and break-pointed fee schedule
  • An advisor operating in an objective, fiduciary capacity on your behalf
  • A broad selection and availability of investment vehicles
  • Retainer-level access to YFP’s other offerings, such as comprehensive planning and area-specific consultations
  • Regularly scheduled meetings for review of not only your portfolio’s performance, but also your total financial health and progress

Management Platforms

YFP offers asset management services via three platforms: Direct, “EMAP”, and Indirect.


Under direct management, our most flexible option, Yavapai Financial Planning manages your assets according to a customized strategy that results from our mutual collaboration. This arrangement is particularly valuable in those circumstances where a client’s accounts need a certain level of coordination with other outside assets or when a client transfers in non-qualified securities they wish to keep for sentimental or tax reasons. YFP-managed accounts are custodied at TDAmeritrade Institutional. We bill once per quarter according to the fee schedule found here. Often our clients will notice little difference in total cost between our platform and their previous holdings once the internal fees and trading costs of traditional mutual funds have been taken into account, while enjoying a much higher level of service.


Yavapai Financial Planning is a part of the Edelman Financial Network™. Many of YFP’s managed funds are in the Edelman Managed Assets Program (EMAP) to take advantage of its institutional investment strategies and broad diversification. For core holdings, EMAP offers many key benefits to our clients, including:

  • A truly long-term investment approach
  • Asset allocation models featuring as many as 19 separate asset classes and market sectors, based on your specific goals and objectives
  • Security selection that is market-based, not manager-based
  • Daily rebalancing review
  • Freedom from the questionable business practices that plague the retail mutual fund industry
  • No commissions, trading expenses, or brokerage costs. Instead, just one low annual fee that is fully disclosed and completely transparent
  • A strategy based on solid science backed by decades of academic research
  • Lower total asset and account minimums

Find out more about EMAP at or contact us to request a brochure by mail.

* Edelman Financial Services, LLC, sponsor of the EMAP program, is an unaffiliated, wholly independent registered investment advisor registered with the SEC. To find out more information about Edelman Financial Servies, LLC, please see their form ADV here.


In some cases a client’s situation or asset structure is not a good fit for a firm’s hands-on management. Some people like more direct control of their affairs. Others have assets held elsewhere, such as company-sponsored 401(k)s and insurance company products. Under an indirect arrangement, we can provide value by serving as a knowledgeable overseer or second opinion provider, but will not directly execute trades or perform other transactional functions. We meet indirect management clients on an as-needed basis or via a pre-determined schedule to review asset structures. Fees in such circumstances would be flat-rate or hourly per agreement, depending on the complexity of the situation.

If you are looking for an investment manager, we encourage you to take advantage of our no obligation, no cost consultation to see if we are a fit.