YFP offers two levels of financial planning services. For the client who needs big-picture, broad-perspective advice which takes into account the totality of one’s life, we offer comprehensive financial planning. Such planning will clarify and incorporate the client’s values, hopes, finances, life advisors, family, interests, career, and community into a blueprint for a well-built future. For the client who seeks advice on a particular topic or dilemma, we offer area-specific consultations.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial plans cover a wide range of areas in their assessment and recommendation. Generally, they will address the following in detail:

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Note: To expand the categories for a further breakdown, click the (+) marks in the illustration. For an already fully-expanded version of this illustration in pdf format, click here.

Area-Specific Consultations

Often clients will desire objective advice in a particular area or for a particular occasion. We field a wide variety of planning related questions and can develop individualized process and tools to help you make the best decision possible.

Financial Planning

For a pdf of the types of area-specific consultations we deal with, click here.